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Good News Confidential

What cheer! Kentucky Confidential is featured in this week’s Three Chimneys Good News Friday spot on the Paulick Report:

More than anything, it’s refreshing to see those so passionate about our industry willing to find innovative ways to accomplish their career goals. They are not taking the easy road by using the challenging circumstances we all face to complain about the lack of opportunity. They are creating their future in the industry on their own terms and challenging the marketplace …

“There’s such a paradigm shift that we don’t know the end result or where it’s leading,” said Scheinman. “But the opportunity is there to create something new…. People who think race writing is a dying art, this is your opportunity to support it.”

Absolutely. Pledge, and not only will your support directly contribute to the creation of original Derby coverage, we’ll give you some pretty great rewards to go along with all the stories you’ll find on Kentucky Confidential.

7:30 PM Addendum: I love this comment left by Nancy on the PR piece: “Really excited to get involved with community funded journalism through Kentucky Confidential. As a racing fan, I am thrilled at the opportunity to support racing news and get an inside view of the race. I hope more people help fund this endeavor and others like it! ” Thanks so much, Nancy!