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The Onion sends up the anthropomorphism that suffused so much of the reaction to Rachel Alexandra winning the Preakness:

“Rachel Alexandra has shattered the perception of the role of female athletes in horse racing,” Pearce said. “When she crossed the line, no one cared about her looks or how much she weighed—they only cared that she won. Do you know what that means for a female in today’s society? This victory was for any woman who has been dreaming since she was a little girl of rounding that final turn, racing neck and neck with a colt, and then sticking out her muzzle to win in a photo finish.”


Women’s pride has had its good days, and this was certainly one of them

Oh, wait … that was Bill Dwyre in the LA Times and he was being serious.


I’ll be at Monmouth all day Saturday. Any tips from the local railbirds?