JC / Railbird

Travers Day

And the crowds are out in Saratoga, both in town and at the track. I’m looking to beat Bellamy Road in the Travers with Reverberate and Andromeda’s Hero, but probably will pass on betting the Hopeful or the King’s Bishop — First Samurai and Henny Hughes dominate in the former and unless something freakish occurs (as it did to Ashado in yesterday’s Personal Ensign), Lost in the Fog is a lock in the latter.

It’s true. Alan did tell me he liked Shadow Cast when I saw him minutes before the Personal Ensign. I liked Island Sand, thinking the pace would set up well for her, although I skipped placing any wagers on the race and only played a tiny show bet on Along the Sea in the Spinaway (there have been several days this meet where Dick Jerardi would have had me turned away at the door). I know the folly of show wagering, but one of my favorite bets is on a longshot horse that figures to run third at best in a race where the overwhelming favorite is almost certain to run out of the money, and that opportunity comes along so rarely …