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Distaffers Due

Foolish Pleasure launches a new site with a timely theme:

… what I envision here is a mix of racing and breeding news from around the world, along with a strong dose of thoroughbred racing history — all focused exclusively on current and past fillies and mares. I certainly wish to appeal to fans of both sexes, but most particularly to women and girls who like me love horses with a passion, and find themselves reawakened to, or falling in love with, the sport of horse racing.

It won’t be trite. It won’t be “girly” in a negative or stereotypical way. And it certainly will not be patronizing.

It will be informative, and, most importantly, serious in presenting the sport of racing — past, present and future — with a clear intent of … Fillies First!

What a great idea, with all the exciting fillies and mares running these days. It’s a good year to be female in racing. (Well …)

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Thanks for the link, Jessica! Had a great response in terms of visits on the very first day … now to follow that up :)

Posted by Valerie on August 7, 2009 @ 12:56 am