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Every Winner’s Circle a Stage

Frankie Dettori, “the housewives’ favourite jockey,” on his most famous move:

“Everyone associates me with the dismount,” admits Dettori, who perfected it with seven winners in one famous Saturday at Ascot in 1993. “I’m the slave to my own act now. I do it because children on school holidays, perhaps having a day out at Lingfield, expect me to. It’s part of the thing I’ve created. I can’t get out of it.”

Flashback to 2008: About that award-winning Dettori dismount photo.

On the subject of ebullient jockeys: John Scheinman profiles Calvin Borel on BC360. “At Churchill, trainers stand in line like I’m selling ice cream,” says agent Jerry Hissam of his client. “At Saratoga …”

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The 2008 Media Eclipse Award-winning photo could rival many of the Grammy Award’s “Best New Artist” artists for worst award in the history of awards.

What iteration of jockey movement will win this year’s award following Leparoux’s dive, Frankie’s dismount, and that steeplechase jockey’s leap?

Perhaps a touching moment of a jockey signing goggles for a kid in a wheelchair will win the hardware.

Posted by EJXD2 on September 9, 2010 @ 10:52 am