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Fast Track

What to look for when Santa Anita opens with its new dirt surface:

… welcome back front-runners to a surface that track project manager Ted Malloy expects will reward fast horses.

“A fast track, if it’s not tiring, is always speed-favoring,” Malloy said.

See also:

“I must have worked 20-something horses that first week and 20-something the second, and the track was fast,” she said. “Like holy guacamole fast.”


“This track is going to be very good. It will probably be a little speed biased. I think dirt handicappers are going to love it.”

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I am hoping the media will hold back on the “whining” when the first breakdowns inevitably occur.

It is a function of overdrugged and/or mismanaged race horses in California. Let us not blame the racing surfaces this time around.

And I will surely not blame the air I breathe for my sprained ankle. ;-)

Posted by The_Knight_Sky on December 23, 2010 @ 9:54 am