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The Disconnect

From Matt Hegarty’s must-read on the state of the racing business:

But continuing to fatten purses is a solution that directly serves horsemen, not bettors. In a macroeconomic sense, it’s hard to argue that the $318 million in subsidies distributed to purses in 2009 made the game better. The U.S. foal crop cratered, the bloodstock market remained in its doldrums, and handle continued to decline at unprecedented rates.

Slots are the subject above, but unleavened takeout increases are similarly flawed. We’re seeing the results of a horsemen-first view in California now.

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The problem in California is that the TOC
with Bob “raise the takeouts” Baffert are running (ruining) the racetracks.

In a sublime moment, I recall that racetrack owners
used to run THEIR own racetracks. What has happened?

Posted by The_Knight_Sky on January 28, 2011 @ 10:53 am