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A Dreamy Man

It’s impossible not to root for Mucho Macho Man after reading this story:

“We’ve got thousands of pictures and the smiles on their faces are indescribable. You have to understand some of the partners that came on initially from day one when we offered the horse, they came on for $800 a share. One percent of the horse was for $800 and now they are living their dream,” Hatzikoutelis said. “This is why they’ve gotten into the horse ownership part, and it just goes back to what we want to do and the experiences we want to have together…. It’s pretty humbling.”

His original name was Lazarus, which seems fitting for a Derby prospect who won the Risen Star and is pointing to the Louisiana Derby at the Fair Grounds.

Speaking of the the New Orleans track, it’s the subject of a neat exhibit in which open letters written by backstretch workers and jockeys about their lives will be on display alongside photographs from the Fair Grounds. “This moment exists for five months of the year … then the moment doesn’t exist.”

That sentiment certainly resonates with me; capturing, in words, such a rich, but ephemeral scene is part of the motivation for Kentucky Confidential.

3/24/11 Addendum: That’s enthusiasm! Part-owner drives 12 hours without stopping to see Mucho Macho Man at the Fair Grounds.