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Stakes Inflation

Chris Rossi on the graded stakes bubble:

As foal crops have declined, so has the number of race days for a total of 6,250 race days lost since 2006. Yet the number of stakes awarded graded status has remained level: 475 awarded in 2006 and 474 awarded in 2011. This failure to adapt to the new racing landscape has resulted in an increase of 14% in the number of races awarded graded status.

The 2016 projection should strike fear in everyone involved in breeding and selling American Thoroughbreds. Without correction, short fields and ducking connections won’t be just the bane of bettors in the very near future.

(Neither the Paulick Report nor Equidaily like to pick up Raceday 360 pieces, but both should aggregate this one.)

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Good point by Mr. Crunk.

Further compounding the problem is the proliferation of $100,000 stakes that offer “black type” when it should not. These often are prep races for a future engagement.

The Graded Stakes committee would do well to slash the number of Graded stakes, especially Grade 3 stakes that do not pass muster – starting next year.

Posted by The_Knight_Sky on September 25, 2012 @ 1:24 pm