JC / Railbird

KYC Past and Future

Dear Kentucky Confidential backers, sponsors, contributors, and readers:

Thank you for supporting Kentucky Confidential in 2011-2012.

You may have heard that Kentucky Confidential is returning this month. It isn’t, or at least, KYC, as I originally conceived it, and as I published it with co-founder John Scheinman these past two years, is not returning. After two years of enjoying the rush of being at Churchill Downs during Kentucky Derby week and working on a fun experiment in Derby storytelling and online media, the project had run its course for me.

Scheinman has decided to carry on with the name.

If you are considering sponsoring or contributing to KYC 2013, you should be aware that the project’s originator and co-founder has chosen not to be involved. If you are being sold a sponsorship that draws on traffic data from 2011-2012, you should know that KYC 2013 will not be published at the same URL as the previous KYC, that its producers do not have access to previous years’ mailing lists or registered user information, and that its content, design, and social media will not be guided by the same team.

I am very proud to have been part of KYC 2011-2012, and I wish Scheinman luck with his Kentucky Derby coverage this spring, but I also would like those who have been most supportive and interested in KYC to be aware of its changed circumstances.