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Shug School

Andrew Beyer on the philosophy behind Orb’s Kentucky Derby win:

The old school believes a trainer should not manage a horse to fulfill the personal ambitions of the owner or trainer. The old school believes a trainer should be guided by the development and the capabilities of the animal. The old school believes judicious handling will eventually bring rewards.

The old school doesn’t say, “YOLO.”

9:00 AM Addendum: Via @raceday360 comes this great interview with trainer Shug McGaughey from 2009: “The only pressure I got is on myself.”

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Ironically, the owner of Giant Finish literally said “You only live once/YOLO” when he explained his reasoning behind the last-minute entry of his horse.

McGaughey is as classy as they come, and the expression of genuine shock and amazement on his face after winning speaks volumes.

Posted by Heidi Carpenter on May 6, 2013 @ 4:25 pm