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Racing’s Made a Cynic of Me

Enough Isn’t Enough

Following the news that Rick Dutrow had been suspended ninety days* for two infractions, RCI president Ed Martin formally asked the NYSRWB for a review of the trainer’s license, citing his lengthy record of violations (PDF):

At some point, an individual who continues to violate the rules of racing forfeits through his own actions the ability to be in the game. At some point, enough is enough.

Since 1979, racing regulatory jurisdictions have sanctioned Mr. Dutrow at least 64 times for various rule violations in nine different states at fifteen different racetracks.

The board isn’t rushing to consider the request, reports David Grening:

“If I had a crystal ball with high-definition and 3-D I’d be in a better position to make predictions,” said Joe Mahoney, a board spokesman.

Dutrow’s New York license is valid through Aug. 5. Mahoney said the board does “look at the licensee’s record at the time of renewal.”

Grening describes Mahoney’s reply as “non-committal.” I’d say it sounds more like, “No way in hell.” The Babe’s not going anywhere, except on vacation.

*Pending appeal, of course.

2/20/11 Addendum: Dutrow’s attorney replies to Martin: “We hope that Mr. Martin did not rush to judgment and that he paid more attention to the actual facts when he was in charge at the New York State Racing and Wagering Board than he has demonstrated in his recent unfounded and irresponsible letter.”